Our in-house videography team are committed to creating visually creative content that tells engaging stories and highlights important narratives. Our working commitment and creative flare ensures that all of our video-output resonates with audiences, and captivates viewers whilst always remaining on-brand and inline with core business values.

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Across all production-based projects, our videography team dedicate time to understanding the project brief, researching industry trends, and planning relevant shots and storylines. From initial concepts, through to storyboarding, shooting, and post production - our team remain committed to creating visual content that aligns with your needs.


Whilst creating engaging content is always a key component of our videography process, our team strive to deliver content that is always relevant to your business, as well as your audience. Whether working independently, or part of a wider production crew, relevancy and portrayal of narrative remains at the core of our creative process.


At Regency we understand the risks associated with on-site production, and acknowledge the need for a responsible, and safety-conscious production team. As such, we always work alongside our clients to ensure both crew, and cast remain comfortable during initial planning, on-site filming, and post production editing.

If you’d like to learn more about how Regency can support your videography and production requirements, then please get in touch to discuss your project in more detail.

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