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A closer look at the video campaigns that inspired us last year

As we begin to carve our way into a new year, our digital marketing team have taken some time out to reflect on their favourite video campaigns of 2020. From the creative, to the provocative, our team have highlighted the very best 2020 had to offer.

Creativity Moves On – Apple

In a year unlike any other, Apple once again combined emotive subject matter with distinct minimalism to convey an abundant sense of empathy, and resilience. For us, this campaign encapsulates the determination that creatives had to draw upon in a year where the creative industries were hit harder than ever.

Courage is Beautiful – Dove

Dove’s ‘Courage Is Beautiful’ campaign placed frontline health workers at the heart of their video. Leaning on a unified appreciation for the work completed by heroes in these roles, Dove amplified the natural beauty of courage, whilst also raising awareness of the sacrifices being made by frontline health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every Name’s a Story – Starbucks

Winner of Channel 4’s Diversity award, Starbucks ‘Every Name’s a Story’ campaign beautifully encapsulates the power of a small, personal gesture. The Regency Team recently took part in Diversity and Equality workshop, delivered by the wonderful Metro Charity, where we were able to grow our understanding and awareness around these important matters. For us, this campaign highlights the significance of inclusion, and the importance of understanding people’s individual stories.

For Once, Don’t Do it – Nike

Empowering and undeniably evocative, Nike’s ‘For Once Don’t Do It’ campaign elevated a stance against inequality and racism. In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Nike presented an exception to their well-known strapline, driving us to take a united front against racism, and prompting us to not ignore an abundantly clear social issue.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Connected – Virgin Media

Last year we learned to do things in ways we never thought we’d have to. From working at home, to teaching from the living room, family meals on zoom to birthday celebration on FaceTime – it was, and still is, a time unlike anything before. Virgin Media’s ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Connected’ campaign took these unique and personal tales, and presented them in a way that brought us together through a shared sense of happiness and determination.

We’re Never Lost if We Can Find Each Other – Facebook

With friendship and the heart of what they do, Facebook’s ‘We’re Never Lost if We Can Find Each Other’ campaign highlighted the happiness that can be found through shared, and connected moments. A prominent theme within this campaign was the shared struggle we found ourselves facing last year, and yet through connection we were able to find a sense of joy and enlightenment.

We Are The NHS: Then, Now, Always – The NHS

In a time where our appreciation and admiration for the NHS has never been greater, the NHS’s ‘We Are The NHS: Then, Now, Always’ campaign was extremely poignant. Offering an insight into what makes the NHS, this campaign bought light to our screens and worked to amplify our love and gratitude for frontline heroes. A beautiful campaign, and one we all see as a highlight.

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